What Others Say… Ottawa House Buyer Reviews

It’s important to us that the homeowners we work with have a great experience with us. In the end, we’re not happy if we’re not able to provide you with the solution you want. So, check out what others have said about us. Here’s just a few snippets of what other people we’ve worked with have said.

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At a trying time in my life, my father had just passed away. Things were spiraling out of control. One of the many things I had to do was sell my father’s house. I came across a piece of paper stating they would buy houses, so I called them. The best decision I could have ever made. I interacted with the most compassionate, down-to-earth, easy-going people ever! Jami, Victoria, and Deanna were three of the people I interacted with. Could not have asked for nicer people. When talking to them it felt like talking to friends I had forever. They made these stressful trying times more manageable. I highly recommend their services to anyone in trying times or not. They talk to you, not at you, they don’t use terms that everyday people wouldn’t be able to understand. This was the smoothest transaction of selling or buying a house I’ve ever had. If these three women are an example of the rest of their staff, you’re guaranteed to be satisfied.

Patricia W.

In my experience with this company, I have felt confident in the process of selling my house. Allow me to share my story to this point in the  business deal, which is preparing for the agreed closing date in exactly two more months.
Until I received a handwritten note in the mail asking if I was interested in selling my house, that was  the furthest thought on my mind. Since the day I made the call to inquire about this business, until  these final stages, I have been treated with the utmost respect and no pressure to do anything that I  was not comfortable with.
Of course the thought crossed my mind that this business proposal was too good to be true. Really, it  is true! My lawyer checked the company background for validity, and it was all good to go. With Jami  managing things in the front, it was easy for me to become a Seller. There were no headaches, no  staging, no repairs, no brokers fees just a quick and easy transition into a new life.
If you are considering selling your house, I would recommend using Jami and her crew.  

Karen I.

I was in the process of selling my home and I received a flyer in the mail and decided to give them a call. It was a great experience; I would recommend them to anyone. I had no problems whatsoever. There were no showings, there were no people traipsing through your house. It was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone.

Linda's Testimonial
Linda O.

Quite courteous, explained all of the closing details. I was quite happy because I needed to sell it and I didn’t want to pay realtor fees. It just really helped a lot.

Gerry A.

Throughout the process of working with Cash House Buyer I felt comfortable and at ease. I needed to sell an income property that I no longer could manage. I really liked that they were checking in to see how I was doing and offering to assist me with some of the obstacles of moving. I felt like I could call them anytime. It was a lot of work getting the house prepared for the sale and their team helped coordinate a junk removal service for me. I was reassured I made the right decision to sell my house with Cash House Buyer.

Clyde G.

After suffering a stroke at the end of 2018, my care was expensive and we were running into financial difficulties. It was too hard for my husband to manage the two properties on his own. We received their flyer in the mail and decided it was worth calling them. Their whole process was efficient and my husband was able to negotiate the terms of the sale to his liking. Working with Cash House Buyer was pleasant and I would recommend them to others.

Ann J.

I’m very pleased with (the offer) and happy to sell my house to him. All I can say is “all good”.

Robert P.

There is so much uncertainty and o (sic) thank god that you came into our lives when you did and bought our house as it is our saving grace right now with both of us out of work for a while.

Tracey W.

I was in a fix and saw the website. I contacted Luc and his team got back to me right away, listened patiently to my situation, and a day later–they made me an offer I was very pleased with. Such a big help. I hope to buy another house soon and when I’m ready to sell I’ll call  them again!

Kaitlyn R.

In the end, I got the price that I wanted, without having to deal with the contractors, agent and piles of paperwork that I simply didn’t have the time for.

Michael L  Testimonial
Michael L.